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Out of Nowhere by Patrick LeClerc.
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July 2014 Edition

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World building?

  Monday Morning Flash

The Arrival Flash Fiction by Harris Tobias 7/28/2014


editorials, rants, ravings How to Survive Almost Any Sci-Fi Disaster by Michele Dutcher

  This Month's Stories

Joe Bandura's Typical Day by Jeromy Henry

This fast-paced action-comedy pits Agent Joe Bandura against the evil Don Carlo. Joe has great reflexes and incredible luck, but no common sense. Follow a typical day on the job, filled with gunshots, explosions and sword-wielding clowns! -- Alternative

The Prisoner of Brenda by Andrew Booth

Jonny Naylor, Cosmic Sailor, receives a distress signal from the distant world of Hamlet. He is more than pleased to break of his battle with a rather large and menacing bunch of pirates, and touches down on the Hamlet homeworld. Jonny learns that the locals have arrested a crashed alien, and have hung him without trial as a spy. Before he has chance to investigate, Jonny is captured and thrown in jail to rot. Fearful for his own neck, and having had his Personal Digital Assistant confiscated, Jonny starts to believe that there is now escape. And then he receives a visitor, the jailorís daughter called Brenda. -- Science Fiction

Art & Me by Harris Tobias

Sometimes it takes a human to catch a human. -- Science Fiction

The Poodles who Barked Wolf by Laura Beasley

Noodle-headed mother wishes for a daughter on a pink moon with humorous results. (submission is for humor issue) -- Fantasy

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Outrunning The Storm by Michele Dutcher

Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.
Stormcastle: And Other Fun Games With Cards And Dice

Jeromy Henry

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