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November 2015 Edition

  Weekly Discussion

Quantum Muse discussion goes to the movies ...

  Monday Morning Flash

The Hum Flash Fiction by Harris Tobias 11/23/2015


editorials, rants, ravings Editorial Comment by Richard Tornello

  This Month's Stories

First Contact by Harris Tobias

We meant well and we tried our best but we were only boys. -- Science Fiction

Song of Ithaca by Branden Szabo

5,300 words. In a world of perpetual naval warfare, a young lieutenant finds friends aboard the most likely of ships. -- Alternative

Sergio Palumbo's The Outrageous Insult by Michele Dutcher

An Elf King hopes to marry two of his daughters to the sons of the Dwarf King - but some unexpected frolicking may waylay his plans. -- Fantasy

Left Minding the Farm by John David Rose

14 year old Calvin Morales lives in an impoverished city of the future that suffers from the effects of global warming and a financial collapse. His biggest concern is finding food. Only the Zhongguo Pan-America Corporation seems to have the resources to make things better. (Note: This short story was inspired in part by the vertical farming ideas developed by Dickson D. Despommier.) -- Science Fiction

  Read a Sample Chapter

Outrunning The Storm by Michele Dutcher


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Transdimensional Blues

Raymond Coulombe

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