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The Oxford English Dictionary
(20-volume set)

The Oxford English Dictionary (20-volume set)

Remember that annoying English professor who was an authority on everything having to do with the English language? What did he have that you don't? The Oxford English Dictionary. Just stack these volumes on a shelf by your desk and no one will ever dare to question you ever again. If you love the English language, and you want to intimidate, the OED is for you. This is the complete set, not the crappy, two volume condensed, comes with a magnifying glass, version.

The Oxford English Dictionary has long been considered the ultimate reference work in English lexicography. Compiled by the legendary editor James Murray and a staff of brilliant philologists and lexicographers (not to mention one homicidal maniac), the OED was originally conceived in 1857 as a four-volume set, but by the time the last volume was published in 1928, it had swelled to 10 volumes containing over 400,000 entries. In the years since, the staff of the OED has continued to keep pace with our ever-evolving language, and today the dictionary weighs in at a whopping 20 volumes. The great joy of this dictionary lies in its extensive cross-references and word etymologies, which can run a full page or more. These features not only make the OED the most
comprehensive and authoritative dictionary of the English language, but a delight to browse.

Hardcover; Dimensions (in inches): 14.00 x 48.00 x 36.00
Publisher: Oxford Univ Pr (Txt); ISBN: 0198611862; 2nd edition (March 1989)

The Oxford English Dictionary (20-volume set)

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(20-volume set)

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