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Below are the featured Alternative stories for February 2017 . A short teaser follows each title. Click on the title to read the whole story. Click on the author's name to read their biography.

Optodom by Andrew Dunn

Thank you for reading "Optodom". The genesis of this story was a collection of a weird stream of ideas that came to mind the day after Thanksgiving while I was hungover and at the grocery store with my spouse. By evening I'd re-purposed it into a tale lodged somewhere between the borg and a zombie apocalypse with underlying basic human themes. As you critique please understand that the grammar is intended to reflect the emotions the central character is enduring rather than absolute grammatical perfection. Finally, this is my first attempt at including an erotic situation in a story - past attempts I've ruined by rendering it either too graphically or gratuitously. In any case, I look forward to critiques and hope that you enjoy "Optodom". Thank you, Andrew PS: The name "Optodom" comes from a nickname given to our American Bulldog "Domino".

and A Bloody Homecoming by Timothy O. Goyette

It is about a werewolf during the dark ages

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