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Below are the featured Alternative stories for March 2017 . A short teaser follows each title. Click on the title to read the whole story. Click on the author's name to read their biography.

Dig Your Own Hole by Andrew Dunn

This is my first attempt at taking what I do and rendering it as a lengthier story. There are a number of competing things going on here and I'm hopeful they all come through. In part, it's social commentary meets time travel with some hopefully not too subtle pop culture references tossed in here and there. No doubt some of this was inspired by the movie "The Phonebooth" which I enjoyed while working this one. I hope you enjoy and I welcome all reviews/critiques.

and Tonight, and Forever by Branden Szabo

1,800 words. A lazy detective takes an unusual partner under his wing and stumbles into something worse than murder.

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