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Artwork Submission Guidelines

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Quantum Muse is looking for high quality fantasy, science fiction, horror or "furry" (anthropomorphic) art. We have on occasion published alternative pieces, but this is quite rare. We define alternative as anything that catches our fancy outside of the normal speculative genres. We prefer realism, so we are not looking for surreal or abstract pieces at this time.

We are most interested in traditional media. That being, but not limited to, oils, acrylics, pen and ink, colored pencils, graphite, pastels, charcoal, watercolors, airbrush and other non-electronic media. We on occasion publish computer art that is of outstanding caliber. We also require completed pieces. Please do not send us works in progress. Images with a background, forground and subject is the prefered style.

Please refer to our archived art page for many examples of our previously published artists.

We ask that you do not submit artwork based on copyrighted characters. Our lawyer was recently disbarred and we cannot afford to violate copyright law, no matter how flattering your Darth Vader rendition is. We assume you own the rights to the art you submit to us. If you do not, and we mistakenly publish it, don't expect us to take your side in any way when the lawyers come knocking.

We also ask that you not submit pornography. We are not attempting to infringe on your First Amendment rights, nor are we a bunch of book burning, Puritan fascists. Mild erotic content will not immediately disqualify you. We're not above publishing an exposed breast or a barely dressed barbarian. However, graphic sexual content will not be considered.

We pay a flat rate of Ten American dollars ($10.00) per artist. If you live in another country, the conversion is your responsibility. Payment will be received on publication not acceptance, and when you receive is obviously up to the post office, but you can expect it within 90 days of publication. We only pay for one-time publication rights; after publication, all rights revert back to you, the artist.

As of December 2005, we have started offering artists who we publish the chance to earn money by offering prints to our visitors. There are no upfront costs to the artist. All orders, printing, shipping and payments are handled by us. The artist receives 50% of any print sold of their own work. All payments to the artist are made through PayPal.

Print sizes and prices come ONLY as listed:
8x10 - $12.00
9x12 - $24.00
11x14 - $32.00
Choice of matte or glossy photostock paper.

At this time, electronic submissions are required. Send us your web site address and our web-goddess-artist-extrodinare will evaluate your work. If you do not have a web site, please send four or five images of your best work, in .jpg or .gif format only, via e-mail attachment. Each piece must be less than 300k. An image dimension size of roughly 600 pixels on either side is preferred.

Send an e-mail with your name, address, a brief bio, web site address or file attachments to our Web Goddess, Rebecca Gallant.

Accepted pieces will be published in a timely manner. We define timely. (Generally, within 3 months, but that's NOT written in stone) A short biography of the artist should be included with the art if the artist would care to become famous. After initial publication, works will be archived for 6 months, afterwhich a link to their website remains for all time. Art will be removed at the artists' request.

| What are we looking for? | Copyrights | Pornography Policy |
| Payment | Prints | Submit Your Art | Response Time |

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