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Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.
The Greer Agency

Harris Tobias
Hold The Anchovies

Harris Tobias
The Tooth Fairy War and Other Tales

Jeromy Henry
Louisville's Silent Guardians

Michele Dutcher

Biography of

James Turnbull

Reverend Rebecca Nathaniel Elfprincess lives in a house in Minneapolis, MN that has not yet been turned into an underground bunker in preparation for the zombie apocalypse (in spite of their fervent attempts!). Their fiancee and two children tacitly support their writing addiction by supplying them with a computer and internet access. You can help them produce more interesting stuff by choosing to pay for said internet access yourself! There's a patreon page and everything!

You can view James's web site at https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3914552

Stories published on Quantum Muse by James Turnbull
Fairy Wings
Samantha Berg and the Wealthy Wizard
Samantha Berg and the Mystical Mcguffin
One Easy Step to Saving the World
Magiks and Mysteries
Samantha Berg and the Bothersome Bug
Samantha Berg and the Psychotic Scientist
Samantha Berg and the Terrible Tome
Eternal Life
Samantha Berg and the Intense Infernal
Fourth Wall
The Oracle
Samantha Berg and the Petrifying Pipelines
Samantha Berg and the Sketchy Skein
Last Stand
Samantha Berg and the Averted Adventure

Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.
Quantum Musings

Raymond Coulombe, Michael Gallant, Timothy O. Goyette
The Stang

Harris Tobias
Time Wars & other SciFi Tales

Gordon Rowlinson

Timothy O. Goyette

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