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Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.
The Stang

Harris Tobias
The Dreaming Fire

Jeromy Henry
Against a Diamond

Michele Dutcher

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Blake Collins

Currently working in Singapore until the end of 2012 as a bored electrical engineer, it was not until my arrival in the foreign country that Blake found his love for writing and began the first book of his newly imagined "Silver Series" (now available on Amazon, link provided in the book section of Quantum Muse). Aside from spending time with his wife, daughter, and two ferocious poodles, Blake also enjoys traveling around the Asia/Pacific while he has the opportunity, playing some horrible guitar, and of course writing. To see what else Blake's brain has come up with, make sure to visit his website.

You can view Blake's web site at www.blakeacollins.com

Stories published on Quantum Muse by Blake Collins
The Collective's Orders
The Mark
A Muse's Tale

Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.
A Felony of Birds

Harris Tobias
Time Wars & other SciFi Tales

Gordon Rowlinson
A Fisherman's Guide to Bottomdwellers

Michele Dutcher

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