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A Game of Thrones
Type: FantasyAuthor: George_R.R._Martin
A deep, complex and extremely statisfying novel, A Game of Thrones launches the series 'A Song of Fire and Ice.' There are so many layers to it that describing it will not do it proper justice. Most of the focus centers around the Stark family. Lord Eddard Stark governs the northern territory and is content there with his wife and children. Duty pulls him south to the country's seat of power to serve the king. In a distant land, the last remnants of an overthrown king desire to retake what was once theirs. And from there it gets complex. The book has a lot of emotional power, outstanding visuals and vast political movements. Though it took me a while to finish (around 8 months) every last word was worthwhile.
Rating: 5.00Reviews: 3

User: sfbell This book was outstanding. Deep, complex, fun. Mr Martin is a superb writer, able to bring deep emotions and vast landscapes to the reader with subtle, compelling force. I would urge anyone interested in a vibrant, dynamic and ultimately powerful novel to read this. I think that this novel and it's series could very well carve a place in literary history to rival 'The Lord of the Rings'
User: I read this book a few years ago. I remember that it was very well written, explored the epic fantasy genera extremely well and had a cast of thousands. Really it had like 50 characters and I marveled at how Martin was able to keep all of them straight. Engaging, well worth a read.
User: mark211 I completed the last (currently available) volume over the summer and I can highly recommend it - in many ways, this is a perfect Fantasy novel, drawing as it does on a wealth of historical and literary sources. That is not to suggest that the story is derivative, far from it, but that the sources that are not only wide and varied - Don Quixote (Brienne of Tarth), Hadrian's Wall (The Wall, obviously), Hamlet Prince of Denmark (Robb Stark as Fortinbras/Hamlet, Theon Greyjoy as a kind of Laertes) the Borgias (the Lannisters), the siege of Constantinople (King's Landing) - but that they also give real power to the plot. Basically, a great read, well worth the time and effort.

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