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The Greer Agency
Type: OtherAuthor: Harris_Tobias
An amusing, highly entertaining collection of gumshoe fiction at its finest, The Greer Agency tracks the adventures - and misadventures - of private detective Mike Greer. Even though he's the only PI listed in the Altoona, PA, phone book, Greer finds it difficult to eke out a living solving crime in the steadily declining railroad town. Over the course of the 15 separate, yet interconnected stories that comprise The Greer Agency, author Harris Tobias' fearless protagonist encounters everything from enterprising drug dealers to snooping relatives to not-so-clever schemers - all while nursing a budding romance with Susan, a waitress at the local coffee shop that just so happens to double his as base of operations. More than mere compartmentalized crime fiction, The Greer Agency is a well-rounded, well developed collection of classic noir. Each of Tobias' 15 detective shorts introduces the reader to a series of vivid characters who find themselves caught up in rather intriguing situations dependent upon Greer's luck, wits - and sometimes downright pluckiness - to survive. Far from the prototypical conquering hero, Greer is nonetheless quite the sympathetic character, which considerably enhances his appeal to readers who find themselves empathizing with both his dedication to justice and his ongoing efforts to right the wrongs inflicted upon those for whom he grows to care deeply. With an explosive surprise ending guaranteed not to disappoint, The Greer Agency is a can't miss literary treat. An engaging glimpse into the slipshod world of a private gumshoe for hire.
Rating: 5.00Reviews: 1

User: tobiash A rolicking good read.

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