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Best Served Cold
Type: FantasyAuthor: Joe_Abercrombie
When Monza and her brother are thrown, presumed dead, from the high balcony of their employer, Duke Orso, he assumes their perceived threat of usurping him is dealt with. They were mercenaries, too polular with the people, and wasn't that how he himself had come to power? Monze survives, however, and after a length convalescence, vows to avenge her brother's death on all who were in the room and played a part.
Rating: 3.00Reviews: 1

User: eagle37 I consumed this book in audio, and it seemed to go on for ever. Something over 18 hours, istr. And just about from the start, I was thinking of dumping it and starting something else, but every time I gave it just a little bit longer, so there must have been something going on there. The characters were well rounded and deep, but almost unbelievably flawed and seemed to lurch from one barely escaped, self-inflicted disaster to the next, leaving behind a faint whiff of 'oh, come on' after each new blunder. There was also a lot of detailed description of just about everything, especially the fight sequences - including deep gore - and sex scenes verging on pornographic (which I have few or no objections to). Not necessarily a problem, but it seemed to keep dragging the pace down and, if I had been reading a dead tree version, I would have been flicking ahead to keep the action going. Final verdict? Hard work,

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