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Star Trader
Type: Science FictionAuthor: Poul_Anderson
"Volume Two in the Complete Technic Civilization series, Star Trader continues the further adventures of Nicholas Van Rijn and his resourceful assistant, David Falkayn of the Solar Spice and Liquor Company."
Rating: 4.00Reviews: 1

User: Ironspider This is the second volume of the complete Technic Civilisation Saga, the majority of Andersonís Technic History stories condensed into three volumes published in paperback by Baen: the van Rijn Method, Star Trader and Rise of the Terran Empire. Star Trader relates the trials and tribulations of David Falkayn, an aristocrat from the human-colonised planet of Hermes, and his alien partners, the cat-like Chee Lan and the dragon-centaur Adzel. The stories range from the short (A Little Knowledge) to the long (Satanís World Ė previously published as a novel in its own right). Nicholas van Rijn puts in a couple of appearances, happily brief, as I admit to being one of those who find the character (and speech affectation) of van Rijn more than a little annoying. The quality of the stories is variable, but all are entertaining and often feature some unanticipated twist or conclusion. They also reveal traces of Andersonís grand opera which runs from van Rijnís Polesotechnic League, through the Terran Empire period of Dominic Flandry and into the Long Night of the Empiresí fall. The League is brought to life through subtle hints and type-set sleight-of-hand and provides an interesting backdrop to the stories in this volume. Some of the writing seems a little stilted and some of the technology a tad dated, but these stories still convey Andersonís skill at world building with a few, well-chosen words.

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