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You Could Use Another Good Kiss
The only fanzine in production dedicated to Han Solo and Princess Leia. Romance, adventure, naughty bits! First two issues still available. Now accept
Banshee's Cove
Poetry, stories, and plays here.
Toasted Cheese
Online Writing Community & Literary Journal
King Thumper's Court
Stories, Poems, and Quotes by me and other amature authors.
James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door
James S. Huggins is a professional speaker, author & technologist. He operates WebRings for fun and The Wazillion Navbars Project to irritate Yahoo!
Creative Brother's Science Fiction
Urban science fiction, fantasy, horror and vampire storeis by creative brother
The Keepers
This is a web sight dedicated to the art work, stories, ideas, and other things of the writing creation called the Keepers.
The Joys Of Drunkenness
The novel by TJ Lee Williams, and other works.
Jack Drunktank
Life. Stories. Beer. Surviving life one drink at a time.
A Picture of My Imagination
A simple showcase of my writing.
The Seventh Planet of Morganlafey
Beautiful and Fun Site dedicated to the Fae/Angels Fantasy and Art - Lots of Writing too..!
Big Rock Music and Stories
Original music and stories by Toronto singer/songwriter and author John A. Mayer. Visit the huge site of a veteran folk rocker with an attitude.
My personal page featuring my comic strip, fantasy anthology, and other musings.
Harrod's E-zine
This site contains short fiction, commentaries and entertainment reviews. Readers are encuraged to submit their work.
Entropic Desires
Entropic Desires is an online magazine featuring short fiction, poetry, and a journal featuring the occasional manic rantings of the owner.
The Poetry Pages of MC Rigsby
Internationally published poet and ex-drinker, Margaret C. Rigsby finds writing a curse and a blessing.
Scifi Geeks
A strange blend of different scifi shows and the twisted workings of Claire and Lu
Novels, short stories and artwork from deep within the EterniVision company...
Paul Bristow's home page
A site dedicated to the fiction of writer Paul Bristow
The Real Folk Blues Poetry
poetry written from the soul to the beats of jazz and bebop...particularly cowboy bebop...
Angie Ross
A site dedicated to my love of writing. Includes excerpts from my novels, poetry, author info, etc.
The Sinking of Noah's Ark
a philosophical story of literary fiction rooted in science,religion,spirituality, evolution,history,and other literary,academic fields
Dragon Vine
Esoteric-adventure-fantasy world, vampire author --with art!
Human Torpedoes
Official Web site for dark fiction author Vince Darkangelo
David Gardiner's Home Page
Contains sci fi novel SIRAT, short stories, voice readings and general madness. Big site. Come early and bring a pack lunch.

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