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tgoyetteJanuary 2009 - Lost and Found by Alan Dean Foster2008-12-31 12:04:17
tgoyetteIn January please join us as we read Lost and Found by Alan Dean Foster. In February we'll posts a review and discuss the book. If you're interested please purchase a copy.2008-12-31 12:05:34
tgoyetteLost and found is an entertaining and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny book. It follows the adventure of Marcus Walker, a commodities trader from Chicago, who is abducted by Aliens. He is thrown into a menagerie of abducties from other worlds all on their way to be sold to the highest bidders. I found the first two chapters a bit slow and hard to get into. However in chapter 3 we are introduced to George, a talking dog from Earth and the story runs away from there. Yes, a talking dog from earth. You’ll understand when you read it. Desperate to escape from his captors he attempts to organize others to help. It could work, if can avoid being eaten by his possible comrades.2009-01-31 23:39:02

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