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tgoyettePoe or Lovecraft?2012-10-08 04:09:11
tgoyetteWhat are your opinions on these two greats of horror? They wrote differently but each evoked their own form of horror. I've read a bit of both and find that Lovecraft makes my skin crawl more. Also did you know that Poe's birthday is in October. How fitting.2012-10-08 04:11:49
IronspiderI'd say Lovecraft, if only for the feel of his stories. Though the language is dated, the nihilism that underpins the majority of his writing adds depth to the meance and imparts a sense of true futility to the endeavours of his characters.2012-10-08 04:25:59
micheledutcherI quote Poe more than I do Lovecraft. For the sheer horror images than haunt my dreams - Lovecraft gives me nightmares. And you gotta respect Lovecraft for the whole occult twist to sci-fi, creatures from other planets who came here eons ago and are now trapped below the ice somewhere...great stuff. 2012-10-10 07:56:55

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