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tgoyetteHalloween Costume?2012-10-29 05:08:49
tgoyetteWhat was the best costume you wore or saw somebody ware? I once put together enough pieces from Goodwill and other discount outlets to be a presentable Tom Baker Doctor Who (teeth and curls).2012-10-29 05:09:43
micheledutcherMy friend Kerry is going this year as the Brain that Wouldn't Die. It's just a box obviously, with her head stuck through a whole. She's got test tubes around her and a book - 'science for dummies'. Funny!2012-10-31 05:24:20
SixbearsIt was disturbingly easy to together a decent pirate costume 95% of it was cloths I've worn in my "normal" life. In fact, I had to tone things down a bit, like using a plastic blade instead of a real one.2012-11-03 09:40:42
micheledutcherFor Sixbears: It's okay to get a pirate outfit together easily - as long as that doesn't include the Jerry Seinfeld pirate shirt. If you're wearing that in your daily life, I don't know what to say...2012-11-05 05:20:55

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