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mark211Favourite non-fiction reading?2017-05-22 12:38:43
mark211Last week, the discussion the question was "Doing accurate research for your SFF writing?" and there seemed to be a general consensus that actually, yes, it is very important. For instance, Rick Tornello agreed with a writer he had seen at a conference who had said that he needed: "a warehouse full of research notes for a bout a few paragraphs". On a similar theme, Meghashri noted that "research should be done, but not seen" and GordonRowlinson said that he had "a goal of making my stories as accurate and realistic as possible".2017-05-22 12:44:41
mark211But it was a comment from IronSpider that has prompted this week's question. IronSpider said "I consider most of my non-fiction reading to be research, whether that be books, journals or online sources". And I think I would very much agree with this. So with that in mind, what have been some favourite non-fiction reading that you have been doing? Is there any non-fiction reading that you have applied directly to a story of yours? Be sure to share your ideas below.2017-05-22 12:46:31
IronspiderNot sure I have a favourite non-fiction book, though I suppose 'A Dictionary of Fairies: Hobgoblins, Brownies, Bogies and other Supernatural Creatures' by Katharine Briggs helped foster my interest in folklore. 'Rifles: Six Years with Wellington's Legendary Sharpshooters' by Mark Urban is another that pushed me to write, though my output wasn't directly linked to Urban's book. My current non-fiction reading is 'The Vikings' by Magnus Magnusson, which I intend to follow with 'Sagas of the Icelanders' by Jane Smiley. I have no specific reason for reading these, other than a general interest - I've read a number of 'saga' books previously. Usually my 'research' reading isn't a conscious choice, I just come across a book that interests me; whether it sparks any ideas tends to be a matter of chance.2017-05-23 04:47:22
GordonRowlinsonI'm a big fan of Ken Follett. I guess I like a historical drama where you go back to another era. Being largely ignorant of WW I history, I found I learned a lot about the war in Fall of Giants. I was disappointed with Edge of Eternity, as the telling of history seemed to take center stage other the books characters.2017-05-24 08:50:04
WessonPersonally, I think we're overdosing on realism right now. I know I'm probably in the minority on this one but stories obsessed with accuracy and such come off as boring to me. When I write I try to us ideas that are zany and campy rather than realistic, they have more of an impact to me. 2017-05-24 10:20:46
micheledutcherOkay I confess: I am reading Mars and Venus on a date. Although actually having a good relationship with a male might seem like fiction, I hear that humans can have successful relationships with other humans. Wish me luck. I have been married and divorced 4 times but haven't been on a date in over a decade. 2017-05-28 06:51:50
GordonRowlinsonGood luck Michele! Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen. When he was cutting his first record, he was so poor he was sleeping on the floor of a spare room in a friend's apartment. When you read a biography, you learn what the person is like.2017-05-28 09:11:51

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