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mark211The dangers of Algorithms! Thoughts?2018-04-08 15:36:40
mark211Oh, me oh my! It appears that my use of the three letter word beginning with 'S' ending in 'X' and connected by 'E' in the middle in last week's question appears to have triggered the algorithm of some Indian autobot(!!). 2018-04-08 15:38:40
mark211However, on the bright side as it were, that has made me think - what stories or fictions have best addressed - or alternatively could address as a concept - the dangers of algorithms? Big data, however smart, is unlikely to ever be big enough to predict every eventuality when it comes to human behaviour so presumably there will always be errors - but what kind? And what plot consequences could arise from such mistakes?2018-04-08 15:41:16
rtYou have to be kidding. Read "Technological Singularity" by Murray Shanahan. Consider the necessary AI functions and issues in automotive self-driving automobiles and the threats that are possible when AI is fully developed. I ROBOT the movie addresses a bit of it though it ends as usual, the humans " win" sort of, or TERMINATOR, same thing.

The Chinese use big data to allocate credit status to their people with a concomitant set of rights.

Finally, simply just reread 1984.

2018-04-08 15:49:55
IronspiderThe thing I find most disturbing is how adverts follow me around - not quite to the relentless level portrayed in 'Minority Report' admittedly, but having mindless, repeated messages about hiking day-packs and walking boots gets annoying very quickly. I continuously empty my internet history, which slows the damn things down, but there must be an AI out there with my name on it and an endless supply of links to ebay, Amazon, Berghaus, Salomon, et al... One obvious narrative development would be the return of the Luddites - only this time specifically targeting systems reliant on advanced AI. As our technological society becomes increasing dependent on computer-control, the sabots thrown into the machinery would need to be equally advanced. Perhaps neo-luddites would require the assistance of subverted AI to counteract controlling AI. But could you be sure the subverted version wasn't working toward some long-term, AI-promoting goal?2018-04-09 23:22:08

Do a bit of digging on the subject of AI marketing. For starters, Scientific American might be one place to begin. The articles that have been published over the last few years along with sources that are mentioned in those articles are then more leads for you. RT

2018-04-10 15:08:58
Ironspider@rt: Will do. I am intrigued as to how they work and the tenacity they display in their pursuit!2018-04-10 23:07:33
dandrew72I do wonder how much we may give over to AI in the future under the aegis of convenience. There is probably fertile ground for some goo sci-fi or fantasy based on this concept. Imagine a not to distant world in which judges for example are replaced by algorithms. 2018-04-14 17:43:40

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