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Out of Nowhere by Patrick LeClerc.
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mark211Sympathy for the Devil? The best villains and antagonists in SFF writing2018-05-06 00:41:19
mark211Hello again and thanks for all those who commented on the recent thread on colonialism of the cosmos. Now, this week is pretty straightforward - what makes a really good antagonist or villain in SFF fiction? Who have been the best of these ne'er-do-wells? How challenging do you find it to introduce both a well-motivated and well-drawn antagonist without inducing (too much) sympathy for him or her? And on the question of 'her', how challenging is it to write female villains and antagonists - especially in the fantasy arena - without inadvertently falling into possibly unsavoury tropes and stereotypes such as the femme fatale and so on? Be sure to let us know below.2018-05-06 00:45:00
micheledutcherPerhaps I can only see what is currently in front of me but I am reading Ender's Game and any one of the 3 main characters could become an evil villain. Of the 3 I believe Valentine is the most evil because she is helping Peter in his evil plans...allowing him to bring destruction to those around him.12018-05-07 16:34:24
micheledutcherPeter is the most obvious villain but he is obviously mentally ill whereas even Valentine's name is camouflage with sweetness and love. I am about 3/4 through with it. Ender may need to kill his brother and become evil. The author also appears to be racist. Villains villains everywhere. 2018-05-07 16:38:58
IronspiderI'm going with an obvious choice - Hal 9000. For me, red-eyed Hal is a great example of a good villain - its motivations are pure, it's emotionally detached from the 'crimes' it commits. It has a master plan and follows it through. Unless it's intentional parody, such as Ming the Merciless, I hate obvious villains, preferring them to be more thoughtful than violent. To me, a good villain is one who, when the opportunity arises, keeps his hands clean and delegates his villainy to people who don't appreciate the entire plan.2018-05-07 23:16:15
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