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Out of Nowhere by Patrick LeClerc.
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mark211'Novel of ideas' in SFF?2018-05-27 01:13:30
mark211Apologies (for any who noticed) for the recent hiatus, but thanks to both Michele and Ironspider for their recent comments. 2018-05-27 01:14:17
mark211It might seem odd to talk about 'Novel of ideas' in SFF as a great deal of SFF is based very clearly on a hypothetical or an idea from science and/or philosophy. Obviously, some are just flights of pure fantasy or space opera, but many aren't.2018-05-27 01:15:56
mark211But just the other day I finished reading Jo Walton's "The Just City" which is a remarkable book - basically, the Greek God Apollo is confused by something that has happened and is trying to understand the reasons why. To help him in this, Athena and he agree to create a City State on a remote island populated by real figures from history such as Plotinus, Cicero, and Marsilio Ficino in order to see whether or not Plato's 'Just City' is possible. It's a great read if you haven't come across it before.2018-05-27 01:19:17
mark211So my question is - what other books or stories in the SFF tradition have really tried to explore a complex scientific and/or philosophical ideas? And which have been your favourites and why? There are many to choose from of course - H.G. Wells is a good example, for instance. So let us know below.2018-05-27 01:20:34
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INVISIBLE PLANETS ISBN9 78-0-7653-8419-5, an anthology of modern Chinese SF, edited by Ken Liu. Be sure to read the intro. These stories delve into the subjects mentioned above. RT

2018-05-28 12:33:59
Heena KhanKolkata Escorts Bangalore Escorts jaipur Escort Bangalore Escorts2018-06-02 04:35:13

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