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mark211Disappointing reads from writers you love?2018-06-03 10:38:46
mark211Thanks for Rick Tornello for his recommendation last week, which was: "Invisible Planet" by Ken Liu. 2018-06-03 10:39:39
mark211Now, to this week - just yesterday I finished 'Emphyrio' by Jack Vance. I love the novels of Jack Vance and 'Emphyrio' is the 22nd or even 23rd of his books that I've now read. But it has to be said, while it was competently written (of course) it felt lacklustre and pedestrian and was not nearly as wonderful as all the others of his that I have read. Now one mediocre novel out of 22 or 23 real crackers is obviously a good hit ratio - but it is what it is and I was a bit disappointed with the outcome. 2018-06-03 10:42:43
mark211So, for this week - have there been any works by your favourite writers that have left you a little bit like, "Meh, it was OK?"2018-06-03 10:44:36
rtyeah, as a matter of fact, some of my stories when I reread them.2018-06-03 17:25:44
Modelling_MushiI agree with @rt, mainly me. But. The last one of Kim S Robinson's I read (Aurora?) was a let down, as was the Arthur C Clarke 'collaboration' novels (Rendezvous With Rama I think it was). Everyone has a bad day, I guess the more famous you are the more people see your stuff ups.2018-06-04 04:23:17
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micheledutcherModelling_Mushi: I'm with you - the first Rendezvous with Rama was spellbinding but the collaboration was a snoozefest - too much fill in and elaborate, unnecessary details. 2018-06-04 11:16:46
micheledutcherStephen King's Pet Cemetery was a disappointment. It's like: cat gets killed and comes back; dog gets killed and comes back; boy gets killed and comes back;...who cares? - we got the punchline after the 1st two resurrections. 2018-06-04 11:18:48
IronspiderGiven that 'The Centauri Device' is one of my all-time favourites, I did find M John Harrison's Kefahuchi Tract trilogy less and less engaging. I enjoyed 'Light', but through 'Nova Swing' and on to 'Empty Space' I'd lost whatever connection I'd originally had.2018-06-04 23:44:50
dandrew72Allow me to take a slightly different approach with this one. Something I find disappointing are that some authors seem to become so typecast (for lack of a better term), their other work tends to be ignored. Take Tolkien for example. When you read the name Tolkien the first thing that popped in your imagination was derived from his legendary trilogy and the host of books that go along with it. He also wrote other things though...things that had nothing to do with the work he's famous for. 2018-06-05 15:49:07
meghashriThe Last Theorem by Arthur C. Clarke and Frederik Pohl2018-06-08 10:19:00
"Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader", a Batman comic by Neil Gaiman, is pretty meh. I guess it's inevitable that when you're as prolific as he is, you misfire from time to time.2018-06-08 15:48:23
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