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mark211SFF Graphic novel favourites?2018-06-10 01:30:50
mark211Thanks to everyone's comments last week - and I must say especially Rick Tornello as I think he touched a chord with all of us here when he said that some of our own stories (several months or even years down the line) strike us as a bit on the disappointing side.2018-06-10 01:32:01
mark211Also last week, one of the comments made a reference to a Batman comic and so that made me think - what are some great SFF Graphic novels? Because there are an awful lot of great ones out there. Jodorowsky and Moebius's "Incal" series, for instance. Moore and O'Neill's "League of Extraordinary Gentleman" is another. And speaking of Alan Moore, there is a lot of cross-pollination, so to speak, between SFF fiction and SFF graphic novels. Moore, as brilliant as he is as a graphic novel writer, has borrowed *very heavily* from SFF short stories and novels. So do you have a favourite SFF Graphic novel series to mention? What do you like about it?2018-06-10 01:35:20
IronspiderWorking in London, I had access to four comic shops within easy walk of my office - Forbidden Planet, Comics Showcase and Gosh!, plus a fourth whose name now eludes me. I read a lot of comics but was taken by the works of Moebius, read the Valerian books and numerous others. I then switched to the manga of Shirow and would name the Appleseed books as my favourite graphic novels. However, I still find a sneaking joy in revisiting Richard Corben's 'Den' which, while not the most outre of the works I've read, is still quite subversive.2018-06-12 02:19:14

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