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tgoyetteDecember 2008 - Radio Freefall by Matthew Jarpe2008-11-29 19:40:05
tgoyetteThis is a first novel, so let's support the newbie. From the back cover it appears to be a bit cyberpunk and action adventure. This should give those not familiar with the cyberpunk sub-genre a taste of the style and the rest of us to see what this new author has to offer. Please pick up a copy and read it during December, we'll begin formal disucssions in January.2008-11-29 19:45:09
tgoyetteRadio Freefall by Matthew Jarpe takes place in the near future 2032 with one large corporate owned space station, a colony on the moon, Artificial Intelligence programs with rights and an Internet that is even more pervasive than it is now. There are many different story lines running through the tome. There are forces unifying all the nations of earth into one central government opposed by Nationalists. Rock bands attempt to survive long enough to make it big and have to strive harder to survive the success. Mix into this the mob and large corporations with there own agendas and a pervasive AI virus that enables the upper level of the internet to work and you get the background for this entertaining story. Four main characters populate this work. Walter Cheeseman the uber Bill Gates who is manipulating those in power to give the authority to run everything. Quin Taber the real computer genius who is bound and determined to being Cheeseman down for his own selfish reason. And finally Aqualung, a fifty-something rocker who is wanted by everyone for reasons beyond his control. Book publishers ask for character driven stories, and in Radio Freefall they get it. Everything in this work is driven by the characterís personalities. My favorite Author is Mercedes Lackey. None of her books that Iíve read are the out of the world phenomenal, but she never fails to put together an entertaining read that is satisfying. This book falls into this category. The characters are very interesting; the dialog crisp and believable, the plot has a number of good twists. There are a few slow spots where the exposition drags on, but they are few and far between. I get the feeling that Matthew Jarpe played in a band at some point in his life, or he did his research putting this tale together. If youíre looking for a good read, this book will not disappoint you. 2008-12-31 11:54:27
tgoyetteThe relationship between Walter and Quin in the book is very similar to Edwin Armstrong, the inverter of FM, and David Sarnoff, the president of RCA. They were friends up until Sarnoff didn't want to pay royalties on Armstrong's patents. Sarnoff eventually forced Armstrong out of business and was at least a contributing factor to his suicide.2008-12-31 12:19:02
tgoyetteThe relationship between Walter and Quin is also similar to Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla.2009-01-02 08:59:42

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