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Out of Nowhere by Patrick LeClerc.
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Mercury Rising

by Crystal


Our home, our Solar System, is inhabited by many and surprisingly varied planets and their moons, each orbiting their parent planet and which have been the focus of speculation . With questioning minds we have sent probes out into space to orbit these strange worlds with the objective of  surveying from near vantage points. Some which have actually landed on the surface of these alien worlds; and yet we must not be so harsh in naming these worlds ‘alien’ as they are part of our extra terrestrial eco system, so perhaps ‘siblings’ would be a better name, to look upon them as our family with which we have subtle bonds and are, in all probability, connected to for the lifespan of the powerhouse that is central to the Orrery playing out its clockwork machinations , millennia on millennia with hardly any variation, the interplay between these heavenly spheres.

Like all siblings, at least here on Earth, there is a range of behaviours that the planets display in their inter-connectedness. Dancing in their orbits, they sometimes want to distance themselves from one another, as if, huffing and puffing, they want to turn their backs on each other, only to feel the loneliness at their apogee and then come whirling back in their orbits ever nearer and with dizzying speed until they are once more facing each other, exerting the pull of nature with gravitational arms outstretched, tugging in their nocturnal and diurnal courses through space.

Some of the outer planets however, in disguise as the protectors of the smaller solar planets, have infrequently become enraged and have hurled cosmic debris into a collision course with their brother Earth and sister Venus, perhaps jealous of their protected status, nearer the life giving warmth of Sol.

It’s just a small step to imagine that each of the inhabitants of the solar system have their own character, and with that a will of their own, so that they have opinions and feelings on which they can choose to act, or not, as the vagaries of the mood takes them.

One of the planets became bored with its position amongst the heavens and set itself on a course that would affect all of its other siblings: And so it came to pass that Mercury , that most innermost planet , nearest to Sol, had its chance when through the passage of time, the planets aligned themselves spectacularly, and plucked Mercury from its orbit.

Mercury began to draw away from Sol, creating a stretched and depressed weave in the fabric of space-time, from Mercury’s trail, gathering pace as it sped outward, taking its heated core, its textured  surface of browns and golds, with impact craters peppering the surface of this planet with no atmosphere , just craters within craters within craters, tracking into the void and heating the space around it as it ventured ever outward.

As Mercury approached each of the planets, they were touched by its gravitational kiss, and heated up , as lovers do, swaying in a merrier dance, swirling past each partner and then changing and swapping to the next partner planet to pull and push each one in turn , the dance different for every partner, as Mercury’s foibles dictated.

The dance of the spheres left an indelible mark in the solar system, each planet in turn having been affected on a majestic scale, with atmosphere, terrain and even to their very cores, heated up and, as a thermometer might record, stratospheric levels of searing heat reached, that would change forever the delicate balance of symbiosis of our family of worlds and their satellites, here within this unique envelope of complex elements.       

Icarus had found his wings!


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