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To My Time

by Meghashri Dalvi

He looked dashing. Tall frame, sharp nose, square jaw.

A dark blue jacket worn over a light blue shirt. A pair of faded jeans, lush hair, and aviators completed the look.

The carefree confidence in his stride dared the world. He had ideas and an appetite for risks. Too much risk.

One always yearns to advise one’s younger self. Wants to share the wisdom. Hopes to show the pitfalls.

But when I had that rare chance, something struck me. Struck me real hard.

Life needs to be lived. Fully. With all that comes with it.

I stopped in my tracks and chose to let him be.

With a firm decision to destroy it on return, I set my Time Machine.

Back to future. To my time.


2018-10-06 08:58:09
dandrew72 - Excellent story!

2018-10-05 18:47:33
Wow!A philosophical touch!

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