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by Michael Peralta

Teal and Josh were building insects in the playground on the top level of the BosWash arcology. Beyond the tesselated windows of the observation dome a winter storm lashed at the Atlantic, but inside it was warm and softly scented with tropical flowers.

Teal activated her latest creation. From the chaos of the components in the First Level Robotics Exploratory Learning Kit (Ages Six Through Eight) she had assembled a machine with translucent wings attached to a shiny blue carapace covered with tiny light-sensitive sensors. The structure rested on three thin, multijointed legs.

With a click and a buzz the insect flew in an awkward spiral to the top of the dome, where it wandered from place to place in response to the photons from the lightning that filled the sky. Soon its hectic motions had nearly depleted its main energy stores. Its survival programming directed it to float back down to the floor and rest.

"What a stupid bug," Josh said.

"I think it's pretty." Teal rolled on her back to watch the storm.

"Only three legs. Insects have six legs."

"Not if you make them with three legs."

"You're silly." Josh picked up the machine and shook it. One of the wings fell off and fluttered to the ground.


"Stupid bug." He tossed it on the floor. The legs shattered as it landed. "You don't know how to make them strong enough."

Teal stood and tried not to show her anger. She realized that Josh was just jealous. She had learned all about such things in her SocPsych lessons.

"I'm not going to play with you anymore," she said with great dignity. She walked behind him, reached under his tunic to the small of his back, and switched him off.

2011-09-12 16:20:53
What an absolutely perfect little story. I loved it!

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