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The Web Goddess' Recommended Reading

Photoshop 5.5

This is a great introductory book for Photoshop beginners. Geared for version Photoshop 5.5.

Easy to read and digest. Photoshop is the heart and soul of my web graphic creation. An absolute must have.

Photoshop 6 The next evolutionary step, Photoshop 6.0. Wide range of techinques and cool tricks. All levels from easy to difficult proceedures. You can make stunning graphics with this little gem of knowledge!
Fireworks 3

Macromedia's answer to Photoshop. Whereas I prefer Photoshop, Fireworks tends to lend itself better to working with Dreamweaver. It intergrates more seamlessly and you don't need to toggle it back and forth, like with Photoshop. It also is geared more towards web graphics, whereas Photoshop is geared more towards working with any sort of graphics, i.e. photographs n' such.

This book is one of the best out there for using and understanding Fireworks.

Dreamweaver 2 I admit it. Web designing is my religion and Dreamweaver2 is my Bible. This book tells you in a easy to comprehend format everything you need to knowin order to design fabulous and clean web pages. This book outlines Dreamweaver 2 features.
Dreamweaver 3 The next chapter in the Dreamweaver succession. Dreamweaver 3 now has more great features, like cleaning up Microsoft Word files and Netscape 4 bugs! Learn all the great things you can do with this top of the line web editor with the Dreamweaver 3 Bible!
Flash 4

If you want the latest in web interactivity and animation, you must learn Flash technology. Most of my high end clients demand it. Fast loading and just as fun to create as it is to watch!

This book, Flash 4, is a great book for beginners and advanced users of Flash. Step by step instructions build upon each other for easy to understand lessons. You'll be Flashing in no time!
; - )

Flash 5 The most recent release, Flash version 5. So new, even I haven't learned everything about it yet!
Web Design in a Nutshell

Web Design in a Nutshell is well organized, the index is excellent, the writing clear, and there are plentiful examples of the various concepts discussed. It contains charts covering almost every set of function/browser compatibility, as well as reference tables for everything from colors (including an excellent discussion on the use of websafe colors) to ASCII elements.

It covers the basic elements of web design, ranging from basic design principles to browsers and types of displays; basic html elements to image formats; and Cascading Style Sheets to JavaScript and basic server background.

HTML This is a great book for beginners and non-programmers. Clear, concise with lots of examples and charts. Learn everything from simple text to more complex tables and frames. A must have!

Hee hee! Just for fun! COED NAKED Web Designing t-shirts. Slogan says "My domain, or yours?" Click here for a close up of the design.

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