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Steven Saus

"You have got to be shitting me."

Maria's voice rang off the metal walls of the craft, bouncing back from the vacuum outside.  Clark grinned up at her.  The paint tubes floated beside her, a palette arranged with the three colors in a primary semi-rainbow.  The lander was going down tomorrow, but until they hit the Moon's partial gravity they were effectively weightless.  

"Walsh, you gotta come see what Clark's done."  

Walsh's head poked through the hatchway, his hand clutching a small plastic brachiosaur.  "Grrr, dinosaurs don't like being interrrupted while off shift and... holy crap, Clark!  I thought I was the geek here."

The paint was drying rapidly in the ship's recycled, dehumidified air.  Clark pointed at his handiwork on the suit's chestplate.  

"It's not even covering anybody's logo, guys.  The sensors are all fine, and this pigment won't crack or delaminate in vaccum.  I checked before we left."

Maria sputtered.  "But, Clark, it..."

"Look," he interrupted as he pulled off his glasses, "I've had to put up with it a lot longer than Walsh - and his name isn't even quite right.  He has his dinosaurs.  I should be able to have this."

Maria looked at Clark's face, the little curl of his bangs dipping over his forehead, and the glasses he still held in one hand.  She rose her hand over her mouth, but the giggles spread from her to the entire crew.

The next day, the entire world saw the "S" on Clark's chest as he cleared the lunar lander in a single bound.

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2011-08-27 21:15:18
good! liked it, saw it comming, but did not care.

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2009-08-29 23:46:03
ROFL - well done!

2009-08-01 12:03:54

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