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Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.
Quantum Musings

by Raymond Coulombe, Michael Gallant, Timothy O. Goyette

by Timothy O. Goyette



Timothy O. Goyette

She leaned over her pot.  It bubbled and churned just like the one on the television.  She had struggled before with this recipe but never seemed to get it right.  He would be there soon and she wasn't ready. 


The Host seemed to go through the dicing and measuring, mixing and stirring with a light air.  She, on the other hand, struggled.  With her hair frizzed out by the steam she looked wild and frazzled. 


Wiping the sweat from her face she pressed the play button again.  Tivo had been such a help.  She silently thanked the creators of the unique device.  Technology amazed her as she never seemed to grasp how it could possibly work.


The work was mostly done with few more pinches and some stirring.  Pinches were always used, but she struggled to approximate the amount used by the host.  She took up a bit of the ground herb and rubbed it between her fingers, as the host did.  But, she let it fall back into the container.  Squinting at the screen she ran back the show to see what the pinch looked like as it fell and compared it to her efforts. 


Foot steps, she heard foot steps out in her yard.  It was him.  She started and dropped the container.  The steps were on the porch now.  Bending down she took a pinch from the floor and hastily threw it into the pot. 


Without knocking the man entered.  He was tall, thin, and seemed middle age, very nondescript. 


Without a word he walked over to the pot and sniffed.  Removing a small notebook from his pocket he jotted down a note.  Next he took the spoon and stirred it a few times.  He even scooped up some of the liquid and let it fall back into the pot.


Making another note he turned to face the woman.  "This is your third and final chance to pass the potion's test.  If you fail this time you will not be worthy to become a witch."


"I've done everything correctly."  She said with a curtsy.


He sniffed.  "This is the frog potion, isn't it?"


"Yes," she smiled.  "Anyone who drinks even a little of it will be turned into a frog."


"Very well," he jotted another note.  "Drink some."


"Drink some?"


"Yes, you heard me.  Or do you think I'm going to test it for you?"


"No, no," she sputtered.


With a trembling hand she took up the spoon with a small amount of potion in it, closed her eyes and swallowed.


In the blink of an eye she was transformed into a frog, green and damp, looking up into the eyes of the man.


He made a final note in his book, pocketed it, turned and headed for the door.


She croaked at him.


He turned.  "Witches don't do what they are told, you silly woman.  You failed the test."  He paused.  "Well, technically, if you manage to find some way to transform yourself back, you can have one more try."


With that the man left.


The woman trapped in a frog's body croaked.

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2010-10-31 18:59:41
Short can be harder to pull off than long. Good job.

2010-10-16 19:21:08
Short and sweet. With a point.

2010-10-14 18:59:52
if I was a 'nice'person, I probably wouldn't relish this ending as much as I do, you clever man.

2010-10-02 09:33:52
I like it ... I'm stil smiling as I type this.

2010-10-01 06:37:24
Short and amusing. Thanks.

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Books by Quantum Muse contributors and friends.
Quantum Musings

by Raymond Coulombe, Michael Gallant, Timothy O. Goyette

by Timothy O. Goyette

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