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AnonymousDirect action can work to achieve change – just ask Jeffrey Shaver. He successfully lobbied to have his bong and marijuana returned by police, after standing outside court in his boxers for a month. ‘RETURN MY BONG,’ one of his signs read in large letters, while another read ‘RETURN MY MARIJUANA.’ The 31-year-old also had a T-shirt made which said ‘Return my weed and bong,’ for days when he felt like wearing clothes. It all began when he was arrested for possession of weed, with police seizing his drugs and paraphernalia. Police were called initially when Jeffrey caused a disturbance near vending machines at a hospital where he was being treated for a panic attack. He was charged with possession of marijuana, which has now been dropped. ‘The action of the Crown on this marijuana case has been completely unreasonable,’ Jeffrey told The Record. ‘There should have been no need to continue (protesting) for such a long time.’ He should be getting his bong and weed back soon – but now has another problem to deal with. Police have charged him with public nudity over his protest in a thong outside Kitchener court in Ontario, Canada. Windows Helpline Number
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2017-09-25 23:33:33
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