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AnonymousEssay writing practice has a lot of benefits. Earlier, it was very difficult for me to finish up long answers, since my language skill was not even up to the average. It was so pity that teachers couldnít even understand what was written by me. When I forget any words, my total answer loses its meaning. But, later on I started practicing essays and I was in at a point to write answers in my own words. Thus I could impress my teacher as well. I want to share some points that I think one should keep in mind when they are writing an essay. Always chart the essay prior to writing it. Take a paper, and start noting down all your points and ideas. Then sort them in a good structure. Be sure that you have enough amounts of examples to support your basic points. Then start writing. This will save your time later. You will not stop and think while you are writing. Remember that the first line of your essay should be interesting. Start with a story, or a quote, or making a brave claim. Just something that isnít boring. It has to be good enough to grasp the readerís interest and make them feel like they want to know more about the topic. Do not write lengthy sentences. The aim of an essay is to communicate ideas and your point of views in a simple way. But, that doesnít mean that your essay needs to be weak. It just needs to be clear and should be able to do fairness to what you need to express. Avoid doing using first person pronouns that is ĎIí. Try to bring out a third person as it is more professional. Avoid ambiguity. Your main idea should be ideally clear. Do not hike on and on without simplifying just what you are getting at. The reader must know from the very first para what your position is. Ref: https://clazwork.com/ 2018-12-05 01:45:43

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