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micheledutcherNative American Rock Art2013-02-28 05:32:03
micheledutcherAbout 1 1/2 years ago I chanced upon what I believed to be Native American rock art in Southern Indiana USA. I got confirmation from an archeologist this morning that it is exactly that. I took him to the site this past weekend. I really don't give a lot to charities as I don't really like people, so I'm happy I can give back something to history. Here's the gist of the archeologist's email: Michele, Life is good. After my analysis in the field, all the rock art that I saw was historic in origin and mostly associated with the recreational use of Cave River Valley. I will not be posting any images on our website, but I can forward you a link to download digital copies of my photographs. I will do the same for Brad Gilley, who may add them to the Spring Mill State Park web page. Cheers, Tim Timothy E. Baumann, PhD RPA 2013-02-28 05:35:39
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