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gontzagamesI'm confused2013-03-03 12:12:26
gontzagamesHello all! Could someone please explain to me how the process works? I'd love to review others submissions in exchange for mine being reviewed. I've signed in as a writer and a reader, but don't see submissions to review. Could someone please take pity on a newbie and help. Thanks.2013-03-03 12:13:40
tgoyetteGontzagames, first did you sign up as a reader or a writer. There are 2 different logins. Writers can submit and critique, readers are more limited. When you login as a writer you are brought to the myQM page. On the right you can click on buttons to critique Science Fiction, Fantasy, or alternative stories. Also on the myQM page you'll see your credits rising by 1/3 for each story you critique. Once you've critiqued 3 stories you can submit one by clicking on the "Submit a story" like on your myQM page. Please be as detailed as you can in the critiques. Best wishes, tim2013-03-04 20:49:13
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