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AnonymousThe worst movie ever made?2011-07-05 16:13:09
AnonymousOut of curiosity I recently bought the Ed Wood movie Plan 9 from Outer Space off of EBAY. This movie has been described as the worst movie ever made. Put quite simply, it was worse than I thought. Ed Wood is favorably shown in the Tim Burden film “Ed Wood.” Wood is portrayed as a misunderstood low budget genius. After watching Plan 9 from Outer Space, I think Ed Wood is a misunderstood moron. The first thing you notice are the laughable special effects. Some of that is forgivable as this is a 1959 movie. What I found inexcusable is the sloppy direction and the huge holes in the plot. There is a graveyard scene where actors knock over a cardboard grave. There are several cases where it appears to be night (and obviously filmed indoors) and then the next scene it shifts to twilight (and filmed outside). The woman ghoul who is raised from the dead looks to be about 25-30. She is much too young to be the wife of the Bela Lugosi character. Of course the most ridiculous thing about the movie is that Bela Lugosi only appears in one scene as he died before the movie was made. A stand in does his scenes with a cape over his face. The huge holes in the plot include-oh I give up. I don't have space. Pick up a copy of this thing if you want a laugh. Gordon Rowlinson2011-07-05 16:14:10
tgoyettemst3k did a good hatchet job on it. Sometimes bad movies can be entertaining for their badness, for example Ice Pirates. Others are just a waste of film.2011-07-10 20:31:34
Sidewinder4I've seen most of it. Plan 9 from Outer Space isn't as enjoyable as most commercials. Sidewinder 42011-11-03 20:54:11
BebboIf you think that's bad take a look at Pendragon's version of War of the Worlds.2011-12-02 03:17:07

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