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tobiashWhy doesn't anyone read my flash fiction?2013-07-03 13:48:52
tobiashmy stories are very short and hardly take any time at all to read. How about a little feedback?2013-07-03 13:49:47
rwhegwoodAre you sure no one is reading them. Maybe they are reading but just not critiquing. Reasons for that can be many…If I'm not mistaken you are involved in the operation of Quantum Muse…maybe they fear irritating the powers that be if they give an unwelcome review, maybe they are intimidated by your skills as a writer and feel inadequate to the task of critiquing you. Maybe they are shy and only critique if they absolutely have to. In any event I just read and critiqued three of your current Flash stories…because I know when you put something out there for review, the sound of crickets and echoes do not comfort the eager soul.2013-09-14 15:23:21
tobiashThank you for your critiques. Good to know there's somebody out there at the other end.2013-09-16 10:27:46
gzentnerWorking on a few myself. I'm new to the site and still getting a feel for how the dynamics go, but I'm starting to grasp that critiquing is a bit part of the community.2013-09-16 11:22:31

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