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micheledutcherMeetup in October in Pittsburg2013-09-10 08:03:26
micheledutcherJust a reminder that if anyone lives on the East Coast of North America, Sergio Palumbo will be visiting from Italy in October. He's been published in this zine several times. We're meeting up in Pittsburg - and he'd love to meet up and share stories and a beverage. I'll be there on the 14th (Monday), indeed. Just pm Sergio or me for more information. Hope to see ya'll there. Some of the Aphelion group are thinking about being their as well - cool!2013-09-10 08:04:45
micheledutcherSergio Palumbo, Lester Curtis, and I were able to meet-up in Pittsburg to discuss webzines and sci/fi and fantasy stories. It was fun (as always) to meet other writers over a few drinks. We called Tim and it was interesting to talk with him as well. Great being in Pittsburg! I loved the giant yellow duck! Go Steelers. 2013-10-17 06:39:45

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