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tobiashGetting more milage from a story2014-08-29 13:10:12
tobiash Getting published in a magazine is a thrill and an accomplishment. But that doesn't need to be the end of a story's life. There are several things a writer can do to get old stories to wider audiences. Here are a few suggestions: Self publish a short story collection. I have done this with some of my stories--time travel, alien encounters, detective fiction. It has allowed me to make a few dollars from stories that would otherwise just be moldering on my hard drive. Besides that, learning how to get a book up on Amazon, Smashwords, etc. is a valuable skill in its own right. Translations. You can get stories translated into any language easily. There are translation programs but they often return poor quality translations. A native speaker is best. You can find and recruit them on sites like translators cafe. Once you have a story translated into Spanish or Greek or whatever, you can submit it for publication in a magazine in another part of the world. Podcasts. You can read your own stories and submit them to a podcast site of your own or you can submit written stories to podcast site who will get them produced often with professional voice actors, music and sound effects. Radio theater. I have converted short stories, especially stories with a lot of dialog, into scripts and submitted them to sites like Dunesteef , Every Photo Tells and The Way of the Buffalo. Audio Books. I have had my story collections professionally read and marketed by Audible.com. They make it so easy to audition actors and split the revenue. The professionally read stories sound great and you can submit those stories as podcasts. Animations. I have gone on LinkedIn and offered stories to animators. Often these talented people are looking for content. I agree to split any revenue or forego it entirely just to see my story animated.2014-08-29 13:12:57
Pippin91Great ideas! Thanks.2014-09-05 19:06:54

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