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micheledutcherArtwork at Quantum Muse2015-03-05 08:58:15
micheledutcherI just wanted to comment on the artwork at Quantum Muse. I really like Steve Bower's artwork - especially the 2nd one down - the 'Living tattoo' girl. Great choices! 2015-03-05 08:59:59
AnonymousThat's a great one. My favorite type lately has been surrealism and also like abstract. Great stuff here.2016-12-07 12:23:44
AnonymousMy artistic tastes run more along the lines of 'Sirens' by Ron Sanders which was recently featured in the Muse Gallery. Haunting and sexy. There's a lot to be said for newer seductive and erotic imagery that remains classy without being too risque.2016-12-07 12:38:43
GordonRowlinsonI liked Exodus by Ron Sanders as it made me wonder what was the story behind it. 2016-12-16 09:38:51
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