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GordonRowlinsonTimeless 2016-10-04 09:19:18
GordonRowlinsonI caught the first episode of the new SciFi TV show Timeless and surprisingly found it entertaining. (I usually hate TV.) The show is about going back in time to prevent terrorists from changing the future. The show may become boring after a while as the main characters merely visit some place in history every week. A couple of decades ago, there was a lame show called The Time Tunnel where they'd visit a famous event in history--boy am I dating myself. However Timeless might maintain interest as there appears to be an intricate theme of the terrorist master plan running through every episode.2016-10-04 09:35:46
dandrew72I'm finding time to be an interesting "character" to play with in stories. It's voice is best represented by the way the narrative revolves around it - and the twists and turns dependent upon time as a medium. How about you?2016-10-09 13:24:15
GordonRowlinsonI used to be really in to time travel stories. Lately I've moved on to explore other subjects. I think though if one does time travel, it has to be a unique angle as the time travel theme has been overdone. Also I think a time travel story has to be complex with twists. Maybe I'm being a wimp and don't want deal with all the complexities.2016-10-12 05:21:51
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