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Anonymousnice one.2018-05-02 04:43:47
Anonymous[url=https://abc.net/]abc[/url]2018-05-10 03:22:43
AnonymousLipozene Reviews2018-05-10 03:22:57
AnonymousThere are so many pages that are created for the fun and entertainment purposes and here are some pages discussed below. You may also write the instant assignment help reviews about these kind of good pages and some good blogs.2018-05-10 03:24:01
AnonymousZombie became the owner of the stilts "pogo" and moves along the street solely by jumping. On his way there are obstacles like other living dead, scattered bottles, small buildings and various garbage, which prevents him from fully rejoicing the newly acquired thing. Here comes to the aid of a player, directing a brainless zombie in the right parts, so that he does not bump into some obstacle with a shame. Zombie's's Got a Pogo - a fun endless "runner", only the main character does not run here and jumps from left to right. He starts his journey standing on the stilts smoothly, and the user should press the left or right side of the screen to tilt it. The length (or number) of clicks depends on how far the animated dead man bounces the next time. The zombie is constantly in the way of something: it is a table littered with bottles; a high mountain of bricks neatly laid out on the ground in the form of a pyramid. Sometimes there are other brain eaters, stuck in the head between the wicket bars or almost fallen into the abyss and clinging to the edge of their hands with the latest strength. And some zombies also fly! And the character has at least something to crash, even if he touches the damned brick with his foot, as he immediately falls apart and dies. Fortunately, he is not an ordinary person, but a zombie, so he can immediately rise again. Do this for free three times, then you will either have to give up your local virtual currency, or give up and go all the way from the beginning. In the role of currency, brains hang here, hanging everywhere in the air. Zombies collect them automatically, touching them, and for a certain amount receives a gift box with an occasional prize. Caps, new stilts or even characters become available to the user for free and can be used at the same moment. The same items can be bought at a local virtual store, paying for the goods with brains. There are no things sold exclusively for real money, than many projects of this genre suffer. The prices in the store are quite adequate - for a couple of attempts, of course, it is unlikely that you will buy something, but if you get carried away and spend several hours on the game, it will not be difficult for him to buy a new hero or a hat. And between these things and the characters there is absolutely no difference. The zombie will not go any further and jump higher if you buy him a new stilt. When you hit your head, he will still die, even if you put a bucket on her. And the extra characters just look funny and do not have any unique skills. The only thing that may seem useful here is one-time bonuses like a quick start with a move of 50 meters ahead. But this will only affect the final result in the record table and no more. On the one hand, the total absence of any progress can scare the player away - what's the use of spending a few hours on the passage, if in the end the zombie remains exactly the same as it was? On the other hand, the gameplay here is fascinating enough not to pay attention to it. To some extent, probably, it's even good that there is no pursuit of things here - much more it would be desirable to jump a little further, and not to collect every missed brain and because of this through foolishness perish. http://www.friv5online.com/friv4school http://www.friv5online.com/jogosfriv http://www.friv5online.com/juegosfriv http://www.friv5online.com/fireboy-watergirl-ep-1.html http://www.friv5online.com/bloonstowerdefense5.html http://www.friv2online.com/friv4school http://www.friv2online.com/jogosfriv http://www.friv2online.com/juegosfriv But Zombie's Got a Pogo obviously would not prevent any tests - to reach, for example, 500 meters in one attempt or to collect a certain amount of brains. This would add more meaning to the event and give more reasons to spend more time in the game. Then acceleration would be useful - inJetpack Joyride, they were often almost necessary for some tasks, but here you use them once for the sake of verification and never again remember their existence. Nothing new in the genre of Zombie's Got a Pogo does not bring - it's so simple and trivial "runner", as far as possible. But the unusual protagonist and the lack of an aggressive monetization model make the project very exciting. If after the first pass you want to buy all the caps and all the characters, it will be a very long time to play in the game, especially if it's worth it. 2018-07-07 02:43:32
Anonymous2018-07-13 04:29:15

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