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GordonRowlinsonTerra Nova TV Show2011-09-27 10:41:24
GordonRowlinsonI was pleasantly surprised with the new SciFi TV show Terra Nova. It had drama, action, a science fiction theme of whether time travel changes the future, a little mystery, and best of all it had people running away from hungry dinosaurs. It is so good, I suspect it will get pulled and will only last one season. 2011-09-27 10:41:51
AnonymousIsn't Steven Speilberg helping out with that Terra Nova? - If he is, he has enough clout to keep it on the air for at least a few seasons. I also found it smart, edgy television, and I liked the snapshot of the 'time machine' that proved there were multiple possible timelines - hence, we don't need to think "Hey, we know this won't work, because it didn't work. Michele Dutcher2011-09-30 05:39:16
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