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AnonymousYour National Health Service2011-09-30 05:27:58
AnonymousI don't know about what it's like to truly have National Health care, but over here they're calling it ObamaCare and smashing it down because everyone in the Senate has EXCELLENT healthcare - so why should they care about the rest of us? Even if a person has insurance, the companies don't want to pay for anything - a customer is automatically denied the 1st time. Don't get me started! The story was a good one - the main character's descent into hospital hell was believable. A thought provoking tale indeed.2011-09-30 05:35:09
AnonymousThey are sustained this thing about "associated" medicinal services. It's an alarm strategy keep running by the insurance agencies, since Americans liken communism with socialism. 3d animation videos. Reveal to them that the nations who rank most astounding in a large portion of pointers of riches and prosperity are fair communist nations, and it resembles your talking Serbo-croat to them. Communism has as much to do with socialism as republicanism need to do with Fascism.2017-05-29 23:00:12

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