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AnonymousHorror by Raymond Coulombe (editorial)2011-10-04 05:13:15
AnonymousI'm glad someone finally told the truth: Stephen King may still be selling books but his latest Full Dark No Stars (Great title!) is just slash and gore. He says at the end that he wanted to tell the 'whole truth' with all the gore - but there is no psychological horror - nothing that sticks with you, haunting your dreams. Lovecraft, on the other hand, came from the mind of a madman - not just someone wanting to sell books to a gore-saturated market. The same with Poe - you know he was insane just by reading the Tell Tale Heart. He was said to be telling people that 'they' were following him constantly, during the last two weeks of his life. Good way to die for a writer of horror. But horror can be fun as well. Zombies! love em! The horror that I've written has come from nightmares that shocked me into conscienceness at 2 in the morning. Halloween, I love this stuff. Michele Dutcher2011-10-04 05:21:37
GordonRowlinsonI'd like to add that I'm sick and tired of blood and guts in movies. I never watch a horror movie now-in the theater or video. They are all slash and gore. No one makes a horror movie without an ocean of blood. Gordon Rowlinson2011-10-09 05:10:03
AnonymousThanks for posting this click here 2017-09-29 04:49:01

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