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micheledutcherKilling Time by Harris Tobias2012-01-11 08:02:28
micheledutcherI think the thing I like best about the author’s stories is the grainy feel to them. Situations are never sugar coated which gives them a feeling as though this set of circumstances could really happen. He also doesn’t waste time trying to explain to the reader how something as futuristic as time travel might actually happen. “Long story short,” as they say. By the end of the story, the title takes on a different meaning as well, a twisted meaning. I like the main character in this story – Richard Breakwater has always been just that close to discovering the secret to time travel, but the secret keeps slipping away. I have a lot of friends like that – better luck earlier in life would have meant they were stuck in some dive bar, talking to the likes of me, killing time. This story is straight to the point – a good read. 2012-01-11 08:03:51
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