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AnonymousMarthe Jonkers artwork2012-06-04 07:13:09
AnonymousI took a look at Marthe Jonker's website and was surprised the picture of a sexy woman using a whip was chosen above some of the landscapes. There's just so many exceptional environments on her website - why choose this oversimplified anime cliche'??? Michele Dutcher2012-06-04 07:17:36
AnonymousClick on the Rose girl picture and it'll bring up Kingdom of the Cliffs, Arena of Humbaba and Deadly Swamps - any one of which is 100 times better than this silly whipgirl. 2012-06-04 07:20:08
mark211I think you're right there, the landscapes really are very evocative ... maybe she made an assumption about the users of QM or maybe she's just excited about working for CapCom. Either way though, the landscapes are much more striking as you say2012-06-04 23:21:52
micheledutcherThanks for your thoughts, Mark. I knew I wasn't that far off. At least we can see the landscapes when we click on her whipgirl. Michele Dutcher2012-06-07 08:46:32
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