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A Pocket filled of Posies by Michele Dutcher

A plague on Earth leaves scientists on a Space Elevator wondering where to go next. -- Science Fiction

A Technical Singularity by Richard Tornello

a question of control -- Science Fiction

A Boy and His Dragon by Jessica Baumgartner

Imagine Leave it to Beaver with dragons. -- Fantasy

Samantha Berg and the Terrible Tome by James Turnbull

Take one high-class halloween party, add in a gypsy with power she shouldn't have, sprinkle with a client that's willing to pay well, and you have all the needed parts for a Samantha Berg cocktail. -- Alternative

The Jewels of Zendeira by Jeromy Henry

Trapped in an ancient alien complex, can a group of explorers pool their psionic talents and somehow win free? -- Science Fiction

Random Art!

Kuang Hong

Image copyrighted by the artist.


Quantum Muse featured Kuang Hong on 12 / 2010.

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