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Quantum Muse is currently under construction. We hope to be back soon with with an updated site. Until then enjoy this selection of stories from the past.

The Random Muse

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The Atheist Diaries by Patrick Niemeyer

I was raised Catholic. -- Alternative

Catching A Ride To Lovecraft by Andrew Dunn

A cute girl walks into a bar where historical legends turned into vampires hang out. Throw in immortality and a nod to H.P. Lovecraft and simmer. I hope you enjoy. -- Alternative

The Grass is Always Greener by Gordon Rowlinson

The lucky people have all the luck and he other guy always has it better than you and grass always is greener on the neighbor’s yard. Still, be careful what you wish for. -- Alternative


This month's topic concerned dragons and I mentioned breaking dragons free from their typecast roles. I wrote this one as a first attempt at walking the walk I talked the talk about. I hope it stimulates thought on the topic and I look forward to feedback. Thank you. -- Fantasy

Eternal Life by James Turnbull

Eternal life sounds great, until you actually have it. -- Fantasy

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