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Quantum Muse is currently under construction. We hope to be back soon with with an updated site. Until then enjoy this selection of stories from the past.

The Random Muse

Read five random stories pulled from the Quantum Muse archive. Don't see what you want? Click the buttons above and grab another random set!

NEKO The FOUNDLING by Richard Tornello

A quest for legitimacy and identity, a total rewrite of an older story originally 2010/12. -- Fantasy

Nocturne a night scene by John Henson Webb

Are you really a slave if you're not aware of your situation? -- Alternative

Ponytails by Andrew Dunn

This builds on a shorter piece which can be found in the flash section. I hope to write more in this series and expand upon a future world in which the war against our own machines has passed and humanity exists in a world that is both 19th century yet ultra-modern...with some other things thrown in to make it really unique. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to your suggestions and criticisms. -- Science Fiction

Old dogs and children and watermelon wine by Ishmael Soledad

A night of tv, alcohol and naive androids can be life changing. Note : The change from a tape to video perspective (it will make sense) is deliberate. Also there is alittle bit of swearing towards the end of the story. -- Science Fiction

Exodus by Kevin Wright

The Black Temple of Grimnir has sent Madam Pspew on a tithe collecting missions to the backwater burg of Festerfern Gorse. A simple mission? Not when the town has fallen under the spell of a charismatic cyclops leader who has turned from graces of Grimnir to the Forces of light. -- Fantasy

Random Art

Erik van Helvoirt

Image copyrighted by the artist.

Quantum Muse featured Erik van Helvoirt on 6 / 2014.

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