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Quantum Muse is currently under construction. We hope to be back soon with with an updated site. Until then enjoy this selection of stories from the past.

The Random Muse

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Resurrected by Roi Czechvala

Who is the tortured, and who is the torturerer? -- Science Fiction

Waking Up In The Electric Fishbowl by Andrew Dunn

Good afternoon, First things first, I wasn't sure how to end this one so I included two prospective endings. One is designed to connect this to my previous story about the pay phone at the end of the universe. Please tell me which finish seems to work best - or if I should try a new approach. This story - and a longer version is forthcoming - incorporates several intertwined themes that unfold in a deep water research station where things haven't gone well for the occupants. 2001: A Space Oddity, The Cure, an Oedpius conflict, and a fire re-cast as a malicious personification are among the things involved in this one. I hope you enjoy! Thank you, Andrew Dunn -- Science Fiction

Sign Change Dot Com by Harris Tobias

Highlights from the Sign Change website -- Alternative

The Reluctant Hero by Jeromy Henry

In this humorous fantasy, the characters have been reading too many fairy tales. They expect life to conform to fiction, but it doesn't quite work out that way! -- Fantasy

Lucky Day by Harris Tobias

Everything depends on luck. Luck is the great driving force of the universe. -- Alternative

Random Art

Richard Pantell

Image copyrighted by the artist.

Quantum Muse featured Richard Pantell on 1 / 2015.

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