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Quantum Muse is currently under construction. We hope to be back soon with with an updated site. Until then enjoy this selection of stories from the past.

The Random Muse

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What Matters by James Shirk

A social malcontent carries a deadly communicable disease and then flees across country to avoid being caught when people start dying. He meets a girl, and the consequences for him are unexpected. -- Alternative

Beyond the Rift by Jeromy Henry

Everyone who tries the ritual ends up insane or altered into something... unpleasant. But Jed has nothing to lose. Can he be the first one to master magic? Will he unlock the secrets of the world, or destroy it? -- Fantasy

The Chairman's Descent by David Jenkins

The business world and reality - sometimes it's a little hard to decide which is a metaphor for which. Alternative title - Bottom of the Market -- Alternative

Grey Mare by John Henson Webb

The time has come to cast aside a dangerous weapon. Whose hand is upon the dagger? -- Alternative

The Nature Trail by Harris Tobias

"Just a little farther," Jim said. "It must lead someplace." -- Alternative

Random Art

Amir Zand

Image copyrighted by the artist.

Quantum Muse featured Amir Zand on 1 / 2017.

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