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Playing Cards in Limbo by Jeromy Henry

A traveler finds himself lost in a strange and desolate land, and he must fight to win his way home. -- Fantasy

Incident at Exeter by Timothy O. Goyette

An eager small town reporter gets more than he bargained for -- Science Fiction

The Warehouse by Harris Tobias by Michele Dutcher

For Oscar Muller, Halloween is just about making money, lots of it. Laughing in death's face is a great way for him to line his pockets - until... -- Alternative

Atonement by Michael Bishop

In a course of a quest an enchantress commits a momentous blunder. Rather than face the music for it she flees to a place where she will not be found. However a fellow enchantress tracks her down and gives her an opportunity to redeem herself, an opportunity which she accepts. -- Fantasy

Expectations by Timothy O. Goyette

A hurried and distracted woman misses the point. -- Fantasy

Random Art!

Mark Kilobaec aka ARTRONI

Image copyrighted by the artist.


Quantum Muse featured Mark Kilobaec aka ARTRONI on 4 / 2018.

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