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Quantum Muse is currently under construction. We hope to be back soon with with an updated site. Until then enjoy this selection of stories from the past.

The Random Muse

Read five random stories pulled from the Quantum Muse archive. Don't see what you want? Click the buttons above and grab another random set!

Dulcifer (Part One) by Michael Peralta

(A prologue) -- Fantasy

Hexes by Michael Cole

a bit of flash fiction, just goes to show you the effects of flu medicine and coffee on the body -- Science Fiction

$24.95 by Jeromy Henry

Two purple aliens named Bert and Ernie appear to a telemarketer, and tell him he has 20 minutes to save the Earth! -- Alternative

The Thing by Timothy O. Goyette

Honorable Mention -- Fantasy

Sign Change Dot Com by Harris Tobias

Highlights from the Sign Change website -- Alternative

Random Art

Paolo Rotelli Nagase

Image copyrighted by the artist.

Quantum Muse featured Paolo Rotelli Nagase on 11 / 2013.

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