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*** NOTE: Contest guidelines updated April 1, 2011! ***

This is the writing contest for the silly and bizarre. So if you write and have a funny bone, test it out here.

4 Stories will be selected for publication in July.

Prizes are:

1st place $100
2nd place $50
3rd place $25
4th place $10

Payment will be made upon publication to the winner’s pay pal account or with a visa gift card.

Stories that do not win may be published at a later date.

Official Rules:

1. Important – add the words “Humor contest” to the title of your story so the editors will know it is in the competition.

2. Submissions will be accepted from March 1 through May 31, 2011. Winners will be selected in June and published in July.

3. Writers must follow our general submissions guidelines. All submissions need to come through the writer’s community.

4. Contest entries should fall in either the sci-fi or fantasy categories. Crossovers are fine as well. Did you write a sci-fi/fantasy mix? A sci-fi/Western? A fantasy/mystery? Go ahead and submit any crossovers in the Alternative category. While we normally accept a broader range of fiction, all contest entries MUST have at least some sci-fi or fantasy elements to qualify. And of course, they need to make us laugh!

5. Stories in this contest must be a minimum of 2000 words. We are looking for humorous flash fiction to post in July but they are not part of the contest.

6. Multiple entries are encouraged. If you have 5, 10, or 103 stories submit them all, if you like.

7. Decisions by the editors are final. Humor, being subjective, means that the winners will be based upon what stories tickle the editor's funny bone.

Note: We have a separate submission system for flash fiction. While we are looking for humorous flash fiction to post in June, flash fiction pieces are not part of the contest and are not eligible for prizes.

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