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EverQuest - Planes of Power
(CD-ROM On-Line Video Game)

EverQuest - Planes of Power (CD-ROM Video Game)

Everything you need to begin adventuring in EverQuest comes in this box, which is both an expansion pack and the core EverQuest game.

EverQuest: The Planes of Power introduces EverQuest players to an arching story line through the Planes of Power, home of the gods of Norrath. Hundreds of new items, quests, and encounters will keep even the most revered players challenged and enthralled.

In The Planes of Power , a portal has been unveiled that leads to a world unlike anything anyone has ever seen. Players can share in the knowledge of this extraordinary discovery as they fight to bring justice to Norrath. Veteran players will face fresh challenges in each of the 18 newly discovered planes, while novice players will benefit from the Plane of Knowledge that hosts scores of new and challenging quests along with open portals to Norrath, making travel faster and easier than ever. Players will fiercely battle the minions of Rallos Zek in the Plane of War, join arms with Karana to regain control of the Plane of Storms, and overcome vile pestilence in the Plane of Disease.


  • Includes EverQuest game and Planes of Power expansion
  • Exciting new quests and challenges await even the most experienced players
  • Two planar cities provide hubs for travel and player interaction
  • Further character progression makes players even more powerful
  • Note: This game requires an Internet connection and charges a monthly fee payable by credit card or pre-paid game card (sold separately)

EverQuest Planes of Power
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