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EverQuest - Shadows of Luclin
(CD-ROM On-Line Video Game)

EverQuest - Shadows of Luclin

The EverQuest: Shadows of Luclin expansion opens a new world to EverQuest players--literally! The expansion is set on the moon of Luclin, which orbits the main planet of EverQuest . This magical moon is divided into a land of light, ruled by discord, and a land of shadow, ruled by order. Together, the lands comprise over 25 new zones and hide many new secrets, artifacts, and unique monsters. The vast moon is designed to present challenges appropriate to characters of all levels of experience.

In addition to territorial expansion, EverQuest: Shadows of Luclin adds new game elements, including a new player race and class. The Vah Shir are a noble race of cat people native to Luclin. They are said to resemble large predatory felines such as real-world lions, panthers, and cheetahs. The new Beastlord class is an amalgamation of other classes with spell-casting abilities, but is capable of wearing only limited armor. New monsters, treasure, items, and spells complete the package.

This expansion also upgrades the technical aspects of EverQuest. Luclin is designed around a new 3-D graphics engine making full use of DirectX 8. Choppy graphics and slow drawing from engine restrictions have been one of the continuing banes of the series, but the new graphics put EverQuest in the same league as the fancy new massively multiplayer role-playing games.

And, of course, one must address the question inherent to a product based on a moon around a huge planet: no, the moon of Luclin is not made of green cheese--though its designers hint that you may be able to find it there. -- Brus Wasson


  • Expansion pack for the popular online-only RPG EverQuest
  • New adventure zones, including a new starting city
  • All-new, highly detailed player-character models
  • Massively enhanced 3-D graphics engine
  • New player-character race, class, starting city, quests, items to trade and sell, NPCs, horses, and more.

EverQuest - Shadows of Luclin
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Price: $4.00

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