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Writer/Editor: Michael Gallant

Michael Gallant was born in southern New Hampshire in 1968 to a wandering band of gypsies, tramps and thieves fleeing economic hardship and possible criminal prosecution in their native Massachusetts. This is hardly surprising as various ancestors had previously left France, Ireland, Scotland, Germany and Finland in haste, using affected accents and large false mustaches to avoid detection. To this day, Mike is most comfortable with his bags packed and one leg over the windowsill.

A mediocre student in high school, he somehow felt that enlistment in the United States Marine Corps followed by the earning of a Bachelor's degree in History at the University of New Hampshire would somehow improve his employment prospects. Predictably, he worked for five years for a municipal water department, installing and repairing meters in dark, musty, cramped basements and crawl spaces. Outside of Managment, he has yet to meet a snake or rat he didn't like. In August of 2000, he became a certified Emergency Medical Technician because he found it easier to deal with bloody trauma cases than small town politics.

He lives in Salem, New Hampshire with his lovely wife and two domestic cats, who - his wife assures him - are his, despite the fact that they look nothing like him. In his spare time he avoids creditors, brews his own beer, fences (with swords, not stolen goods, which is odd, given his ancestry), and provides editors with something to reject.

Mike's personal web site at http://www.mikegallant.com
Live Journal: http://para-cynic.livejournal.com/

Artist/Web Designer: Rebecca Kemp (Gallant), a.k.a The Web Goddess

Am not a ri-ter. Me color things. Make web site pretty.

Visit my web sites:
Artwork: http://www.wildlife-fantasy.com/
Web Design: http://www.gallantrywebdesign.com/
Live Journal: http://webgodd-s.livejournal.com/

Writer/Editor/web developer: Timothy O. Goyette

Tim Goyette has lived in New Hampshire all of his life, except for an 8 year stint in California. He started writing at about age 40 and has been growing in the craft ever since.

Becky makes thing pretty, I work on the database back end.

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