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Welcome to Quantum Muse, a science fiction and fantasy ezine.
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Archived Interviews

Kim Harrison Interview1, 2017
E.J. Stevens4, 2016
Patrick LeClerc1, 2016
Terri Bruce8, 2015
E. C. Ambrose2, 2015
Rose Mambert editor at Pink Narcissus Press6, 2013
Interview with Ross Kitson5, 2012
Interview with Mayer Alan Brenner4, 2012
Jack Campbell (John G. Hemry)2, 2011
L. E. Modesitt Jr.7, 2010
David Brin4, 2010
Jeanne Cavelos3, 2010
Joe Haldeman2, 2010
C. J. Cherryh10, 2009
Peter F. Hamilton9, 2009
Alan Dean Foster3, 2009
Matthew Jarpe Author of "Radio Freefall"2, 2009
Todd Lockwood8, 2007
Steven Brust7, 2007
Michael Moorcock 6, 2007
Marcus Alexander Hart5, 2007
Gary Allen 4, 2007
Elizabeth Moon 3, 2007
Allen Steele2, 2007
Glen Cook1, 2007

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