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The Artwork of MAX DEVYATAEV

All images on this page are copyright by MAX DEVYATAEV

Hello. I born and grow up in Voronezh 20 October 1989 In 2006 I graduated from school, and in 2011 graduate diploma specialist in information technology at the Institute VIVT. Learned to draw in CG on my own, according to various books and tutorial videos from the Internet. Professionally I started doing art in 2014. Now I am freelance concept artist. I continue to develop my skills every day, draw a lot every day and studying different tutorials.

contact for work faxi22@yandex.ru www.artstation.com/artist/maxdevyataev maxdevyataev.deviantart.com/ ru.pinterest.com/faxi22/ maxdevyataev.tumblr.com/ maximdevyataev.blogspot.ru/ maxdevyataev.tumblr.com/ drawcrowd.com/maxdevyataev www.instagram.com/maxdevyataev www.facebook.com/MaxDevyataev max-devyataev.cgplus.com/ www.youtube.com/user/VerrySmart

Visit MAX DEVYATAEV's web site for more.

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